Our last day in Scotland, we started out with a short jaunt to Stirling, and a tour of Stirling Castle. Very cool. You can see the Wallace monument in a coupe of the pictures. Yes, the Walace monument was built BEFORE the movie came out.

They write on the walls in this particular bar. I know we are not really from San Francisco, but nobody knows where San Jose is, and when you are 8000 miles from home, what's 50 miles between friends? The crossouts are deliberate -- the drunken Scots we were hanging with kept upping the ante as to how great this particular bar actually was.

They also never really got the distinction between "Virginia" and "West Virginia" either.

The bar where we met "Stewie the Clown."

Another tough morning. Whiskey "tasting" is not limited to the actual distilleries...

That tower in the middle of the picture is the William Wallace monument. An inch or so below the tower, and to the left a bit, you can see a stone bridge. That stone bridge is the Stirling Bridge, and replaced the wooden bridge that Wallace was actually fighting for.

The movie shows the battle of Stirling taking place in an empty field. The real battle was over a bridge. Who would have thought that a movie could be inaccurate in its portrayal of a historical event?

Robert the Bruce.



Okay, here is the one semi-collosal blunder of the trip. Turns out, this particular town, is home to the castle where they filmed the famous "rabbit" scene (the hollow rabbit, not the rabbit with huge pointy teeth) in the "Holy Grail." And we missed it.