Western Highlands


From Skye, we travelled more-or-less along the coast (went inland for a while, though) throught the Western highlands, finally ending up at Castle Stalker.

We misjudged the rental car's mileage, and ended up in the middle of nowhere at 10:00 PM with no gas. We found a place to stay -- fortunately it also had a bar. Ask us about "Stewie the Clown."

BTW: Truth be told, in a perfect world, the first of these pictures should be in a separate page before the Isle of Skye pictures, because they are taking in the sectio between Ulloa and Skye. However, I didn't want to make a separate page, so I lumped them in here.

Highland Cows.

Okay, here's is where the Isle of Skye pictures fit into the Chronology.

Now, without further delay, our journey continues in proper chonoogical order.

Ruins built by the"tourista" tribes.






Again, I know, you take a ot of pictures when you have a lot of digital storage...