Scotland, September, 2007


We had the opportunity to squeeze in a fairly short (about a week) vacation in on relatively short notice, so we decided to go someplace easy -- good tourist infrastructure, easy flights, English language. So, we chose Scotland, for no good reason other than we hadn't been there before. And we found a beautiful country with enough flights to make it (somewhat) straightforward to use frequent-flier miles, good tourist infrastructure (meaning towns had hotels and restaurants available (not always the case in, say, Romania)), and use of something that approximated the English language in most cases.

Since we had to fly through London, and because we would have had a really long layover at Heathrow on the way in, we decided to spend the first day in London. Our friend Neil decided to come along with us, and he arrived in London the day before us, so hanging out in London for a day worked out great.

Anyway, on to the pictures...


From Edinburgh to Aberfeldy, with a stop at Blackness Castle

The Whiskey Trail up to Lossiemouth and Duffus Castle

Inverness and Loch Nesss

The Western Highlands

The Isle of Skye

The Western Highlands from Skye to Oban

Stirling Castle

Edinburgh Castle