Paris and London


We travelled to Paris, arriving New Year's Eve 2002. We spent a week in Paris, staying in a gloomy pension in the Marais district. To be fair, though, pretty much all of Paris was pretty gloomy on this trip! From Paris, we took the Eurostar through the Chunnel into London, and stayed 4 nights in this cool basement flat near Victoria Station. Then it was back on the Eurostar to Paris, where we spent the last 3 nights of our trip in a much less gloomy hotel in the Rue Claire district near the Eiffel Tower. Cold, but a very nice trip.


Champs d'Elysee on New Year's Eve. Looks cool, but actually it was kind of a weakl party...

The view from our pension in the Marais

Bastille Monument


Notre Dame

Jean d'Arc in Notre Dame

Statue of Charlemagne in front of Notre Dame

Paris Holocaust Memorial

Les Halles

Outside of the Pompideau Center

Jennifer recreating a Howard Jones moment

Jim Morrison's Grave

Sacre Couer on Montmarte

Moulin Rouge at Place Pigalle

Inside the Louvre. If the pictures are blurry, well, this was our first trip with a digital camera, and we were still working out how to use it.

Pont Nuef

Another cool cathedral, name escape me at the moment

Photos from the top of Notre Dame

Museum d'Orsay

Our basement flat in London

Monument to Queen Victoria in front of Buckingham Palace

Piccadilly Circus, at night

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

British Museum

Rosetta Stone

Tower of London, Again

St. Paul's Cathedral


Big Ben


This picture just screams "London."

Trafalgar Zquare

Hyde Park. Yes, that is snow.

Our hotel in Rue Claire

Arc d'Triumph


Napoleon's Tomb

Yeah, it was cold

Rodin Museum

View from the roof of the Samaritan department store