Greece and Romania, 2006


Many people have asked how we came up with Greece and Romania for a vacation. There is a bit of a story behind it -- if you are interested, read on. If not, either hit your "back" button on your browser, or scroll down for the pictures.

So, when we originally began plannig for a vacation in the latter half of 2006, we decided to head back to the Middle East -- Egypt had been wonderful, so we wanted to dive in for more. We decided to travel to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. We bought out tickets and guide books and then, and only then, did we remember to check whether or not Ramadan was going to be goig on during our proposed trip. Turned out it was, so we cancelled the trip and started thinking about a backup plan.

Then Hezbollah started going at it with Israel, and we looked somewhat prescient for changing our travel plans! But we did not "cut and run" -- we had already cancelled before the onset of hostilities. Syria, Jordan and Lebanon are still on the short list, but we'll probably wait until things stabilize a bit more before heading out that way...

Then the question came up, someplace warm and sunny, or someplace a bit further off of the beaten path. It turned out a compromise was in order, so we decided to spend half of our vacation in the Greek Isles (with a stop in Athens), and the other half in Romania and Bulgaria. Bulgaria got dropped off of the list at the eleventh hour due to issues with trying to take our rental car across the border (thanks for nothing, Eurocar!). Turned out okay, though -- there was plenty to see in Romania anyway!

On to the pictures...

Frankfurt Airport:


Athens and the Acropolis





Sinaia and Peles Castle


Castle Bran: What the Tour Buses would have you believe is Vlad's Castle (it's not!)

Sighisoara: The Birthplace of Vlad Tepes

Translyvania: Fundata, Rasnov, Borsec, and the pass over the Fagaras Mountains

The Province of Moldova, including Dragomirna Monastery

The Province of Marumures, Borsa and the Carpathians

The Province of Wallachia: Castle Poienari (Vlad the Impaler's actual castle) and Targoviste